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Chips & Salsa

House-Made Corn Tortilla chips, lightly fried seasoned with coarse sea salt. (Vegan)



Guac: Classic

Fresh Avocado, Cilantro, Tomato, Red Onion, Lime and Jalapeño. Served with House Chips (Vegan)



Guac-Chard Pineapple

Classic Guacamole with grilled pineapple. Served with house chips.




Pepper jack sauce topped with , pico and pickled jalapeño.Served with house chips.


Queso-Street Corn

Pepper Jack Cheese Sauce Mixed with Sautéed Corn, avocado creme, chipotle adobe, jalapenos and pico.


Mexican Egg Rolls

Our black bean corn mixture rolled in egg roll wraps and lightly fried. Served with our Honey Jalapeno sauce.


Shrimp Chimis

Grilled Shrimp, Fiesta Cheeses, Pico de Gallo, and Chipotle Aioli; Rolled in a Flour Tortilla and Lightly Fried.



Melted Fiesta cheese; your choice of Carne Asada, Chicken Tinga, Chipotle Pork or Chipotle Mushroom Spinach.


Spanish Garlic Shrimp

Shrimp sauteed in a traditional Spanish Garlic Lime Sauce. Served with Fresh warm Bread for Dipping



Three House-Made Empanadas. Lightly Fried, with Chicken Tinga served with chipotle aioli.


Yuca Fries

Crispy on the outside tender on the inside. Served with chipotle aioli.


Chicken Nachos

House made Tortilla Chips topped with shredded Chicken Tinga, queso, pineapple pico, pickled red onion, avocado cream and pickled jalapeno.


Calamari Mexicana

Lightly fried squid rings topped with pico de Gallo, pickled jalapeños; served with Anaheim red sauce.


Hummus of the Day

Smooth and creamy puree of chickpeas. Served with pita bread.


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